Tips For Managing Your Online Reputation

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Almost everybody now has a social media or Online presence, but most of us simply upload photos and make comments without considering how we are viewed by future employers or friends. Setting out to make sure your Online presence is always at its best is something you can try for yourself or employ an Online reputation management company to assist you with.

 reputation The first step in managing your Online reputation is to begin with a simple Online search to see what is being shown of any person or group on the first pages of any search engine; as social media content has now been added to most search engine results any post or comment is now seen by most people around the world. The majority of Online reputation management professionals agree that setting all social media accounts to private is the first step to take in making sure your reputation stays intact and blemish free.

The next step is to look through the search engine results for any person or business and identify any problems you feel are being seen in the results shown. If untrue information is available on review Sites or social media it is important to contact those hosting these Sites and request the information is removed to avoid any future problems.